Wholesale Enquiries

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We are a company based in the United Kingdom and we specialize in the import of premium quality organic health products, which include Frankincense. To make sure that our customers get the best possible service and top-quality products, we keep directly in touch with the overseas harvesters of our imports.

We ensure that all our imports are harvested by seasoned harvesters who know about the product themselves. Our frankincense is also imported from experienced harvesters. Our products are proven to provide health benefits to body, and are also related to spiritual uplifting. These products are completely natural and are also known to relieve stress and anxiety.

About The Brand

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Our company offers shipping services across the globe, including free delivery to our UK based customers. Products are delivered within a day of the clearance of the customers’ payment (excluding non-working days and bank holidays).

We accept payments in the form of customer credit, debit, and paypal. To ensure secure payment, your card details are only used at the point of sale. Once the transaction is made, your card details are deleted from our system, and we do not store any information regarding your mode of payment under any circumstances.

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