• Boswellia carterii Quick View
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      Boswellia carterii Quick View
    • Boswellia carterii
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    • The Boswellia carterii trees from Africa are the primary source of our top-class imports. These trees are located in parts of India, Africa, and the Middle-eastern regions. Our products are sourced from the trees located in the heart of Somalian forests in Africa, which are considered to be the best source of raw-materials for incenses, oils, and perfumes.
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  • Frankincense Oil Quick View
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      Frankincense Oil Quick View
    • Frankincense Oil
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    • Based on its large demand, we ensure that we import and distribute 100% pure and top-standard frankincense oil. Sourced from the Boswellia carterii trees in Africa, Frankincense oil has great stress-easing capabilities. Its sweet, woody aroma reduces anxiety and calms the nerves down. Its qualities make it perfectly suitable for aromatherapy, a practice that has its roots in ancient medicine.…
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  • Myrrh Resins Quick View
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      Myrrh Resins Quick View
    • Myrrh Resins
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    • Myrrh holds a variety of therapeutic attributes and is used in its original form, and as a constituent of other products, like incenses, soaps, and deodorants. Myrrh is extracted from Commiphora shrub which is characteristic to Somali regions. Myrrh resins are formed as a result of yellowish liquid excreted through small incisions made in these shrubs. The liquid then dries…
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  • Arabic Gum Quick View
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      Arabic Gum Quick View
    • Arabic Gum
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    • Arabic Gum is a kind of plant deprived fiber that also works as makeshift edible glue. Edible glue is a natural thickening agent that keeps ingredients together in many food items. Arabic Gum is also water soluble and adds to the uses that it has. It can be used with various liquids in order to be effective.
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  • Frankincense Resins Quick View
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      Frankincense Resins Quick View
    • Frankincense Resins
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    • Frankincense resins are among the most sought-after organic therapeutic products in the world. They are a product of Boswellia carterii trees from Somalia. Frankincense resins are most commonly burned in homes to give off a soothing, pleasant smell. Their smell is believed to contribute towards spiritual uplifting, which makes Frankincense resins suitable to be used during meditational and aromatherapy practices.…
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