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The Boswellia Horse Feed. The nutritional value of our Boswellia Horse Feed is exceptional and plays an important role in keeping your horses fit and healthy. This feed provides a wide range of health benefits to horses. Boswellia Horse Feed primarily improves, and sustains the mobility of your horses, and offers no side-effects to the other aspects for your horse’s health, including common issues like irritation or ulceration.  The ingredients comprise a scientifically proven formula that provides healing capabilities to the joints and is also solves your horse’s digestive issues. With the right dosage of Boswellia, your horse will definitely become the healthiest version of itself. The appropriate amount to be given daily depends entirely on the weight of the horse. For horses below 400 kg, the correct dosage is about 8 grams, while the appropriate amount for those weighing more than 400 kg is 16 grams

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